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I received a Supplier Evaluation Form, now what?
I received a Supplier Evaluation Form, now what?

Consult the step-by-step instructions for completing and understand the logic behind your Supplier Performance Assessment.

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Linkana has a supplier performance evaluation module that generates a supplier Performance Index, based on its analysis, according to evaluation criteria, organized in evaluation pillars. With Linkana you will do away with your manual analysis done in spreadsheets and have a connection between supplier performance and your Linkana Trust Score.

You don't need an account for this, just have the person in charge at your company send you the link to start the assessment.

Did you receive a link for review? Check the next steps here.

How to evaluate a supplier?

After the applicant, responsible for sending the link, chooses the form to be applied to the supplier and inserts the contact of the evaluator responsible for the analysis, Linkana will send an email, containing the link for evaluation , in this format:

When clicking on Start evaluation , the respondent will be redirected to the analysis screen containing the criteria to be evaluated:

On this screen, he will find:

  • The identification of the supplier;

  • The assessment pillars, with different weights, pre-configured by the Project administrator;

  • The evaluation criteria, with grades ranging from poor to excellent; It is

  • A field for general observations about that assessment pillar, which is optional.

After completing the entire form, the respondent must click on " Finish Assessment " so that the analysis is completed and the note appears on the supplier's screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Am I obliged to evaluate all the questions? No.

You can click on the last available icon: I don't know Opinion . So this question will be excluded from the calculation and it will no longer impact the supplier's score.

2) Can I receive all my reviews in a single email? No.

Each evaluation impacts the supplier's score within the platform, so it is necessary to separate the forms for this correlation to occur.

3) Can I evaluate more than one supplier? Yes.

In this case, the respondent will receive more than one review link . Therefore, you will have to enter each one of them, to have access to the multiple evaluation forms of the different suppliers that will be your responsibility.

4) Can I access Linkana to see the compilation of evaluations performed? Only if you have a Linkana account in your company's environment.

To perform an assessment, the respondent does not need a license to use the Linkana solution in their company. As the compilation of results is stored within the provider's profile, which is restricted to users who have access to the environment, respondents who do not have a license will not be able to access it.

If you want to go deeper and understand the logic behind calculating the Supplier Performance score, check out our article:

Or if you still have questions, click on the chat bubble and ask for our help!

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