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Manage your supplier performance evaluation through Linkana
Manage your supplier performance evaluation through Linkana

See here how to send forms, check responses and use Linkana's features to manage your base evaluation.

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Linkana, a powerful tool for supplier management, offers a Supplier Performance Assessment module that streamlines the process of evaluating your suppliers based on pre-established weight criteria. With this module, you can bid farewell to manual analysis using spreadsheets and instead manage all your supplier assessments in one centralized location. 

Using Linkana's Performance Module:

Accessing the Performance Tab: To begin the evaluation process, navigate to your supplier's screen and locate the Performance tab. Click on "Start a new assessment" to initiate the assessment process.

Selecting the Form and Respondent: Choose the appropriate form for the evaluation from the available options in your environment. Additionally, provide the email address of the person responsible for answering the form.

Submitting the Form: After selecting the form and respondent, click on the "Submit" button to send the form to the respondent. The form will be delivered to them via email.

Monitoring the Evaluation: While the evaluation is ongoing, you can track its progress through the clock icon, which indicates that the assessment is still being processed.

Post-Assessment Actions

Viewing Supplier Evaluation Score: Once the evaluation is complete, the supplier's form score will be available on your screen. This score will be separate from the Trust Score calculated by Linkana.

Supplier Approval: If the evaluation results are satisfactory, you can indicate that the supplier is ready and active. Click on the "Activate" button on the panel tab if it hasn't been selected already.

Supplier Disapproval: If a decision is pending or if the supplier is already active but needs to be blocked, you have the option to decline or block the supplier by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Construction of an Action Plan: While Linkana doesn't have a dedicated module for managing action plans, you can still add an action plan document by using the "Add Information" button. Include the desired title, comments, and attach a PDF of your plan. This information will be stored in the "Other Information" field.

Notification of Regularization Needs: If there are issues that require supplier regularization, click on the icon with an exclamation point to signal the need for a regularization action. You can also send a message to the supplier through this channel. The requester of the regularization will receive a copy and can add communication with the supplier using the "Add Information" button.

Approval after Regularization: Once negotiations and regularization are completed, you can reactivate the supplier by clicking on "Activate Supplier," signifying that they are eligible to resume commercial relations.

With these functionalities, you can efficiently evaluate the performance of your suppliers and manage any necessary actions accordingly.

If you haven't configured this module yet but are interested, reach out to your Account Manager to request a presentation. For any additional questions, feel free to contact us via chat.

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